My feet are too big for this country

As I mentioned in the post below, tomorrow I’m supposed to play soccer.  I have a serious desire to not be awful at it.  To this end, I went searching for a pair of decent shoes to play in.  I have my running shoes with me, but we all know that the level of finesse in my game would be seriously undermined by a lack of proper footwear.

First stop, Shopping Del Sol (every mall here is called Shopping _______).  Everything was too pricey.  Next stop, Shopping Mariscal Lopez, a little closer to home and the first hint that my mission was doomed.  Everytime I found a decent pair, I’d ask if they had it in “13 Americano”.  No one did.  One guy thought about it for a second and then let his eyes light up. I thought I’d finally hit the jackpot.   “Tengo 10.5,” he said optimistically, and made a move for the back.  Maybe he thought I said “13 is ideal but really my feet are remarkably flexible and when I can’t feel my toes I play more like Ronaldo.”  I told him thanks anyway and moved on.

I tried a couple more stores but as soon as a saleswoman, so surprised to hear how big the shoes I wanted were, actually leaned over the counter to look down and gawk, I decided to give up.  I guess it’s time for my Saucony’s to do a little multi-tasking.

~ by nickcain on February 24, 2009.

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  1. […] I mentioned that I had plans to play soccer with some of the guys who work here at FP.  Despite not having the right shoes , my first attempt went pretty well.  Over the course of two twenty-minute games, I got lucky and […]

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