It must be Spring Training

During the six months I spent in Rwanda, and during my quick trips to Uganda and Tanzania, I saw all kinds of old shirts, jerseys, and other memorabilia from U.S. sports teams.  The Steelers, Yankees, Lakers, Bulls, they all got plenty of love (even though I’d guess that most of the folks sporting the gear probably couldn’t tell Derek Jeter from Kobe Bryant).

Guess whose jersey I never saw.  My beloved San Diego Padres.   No amount of hoping was going to make an old Tony Gwynn t-shirt show up on the back of someone in Kigali, and eventually I stopped straining my eyes every time I saw some combination of orange and navy or yellow and brown off in the distance.

But oh what a difference a continent makes.  On my way back to the office from lunch today I spotted a navy-blue t-shirt with some familiarly shaped white block  numbers on the back.  The guy turned my way and I caught a glimpse of that big P in wavy font.  Mike Cameron, you were a mediocre Padre and I don’t really miss seeing you hack at high fastballs, but your stadium-giveaway jersey just made my day.

~ by nickcain on February 25, 2009.

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