Putting the Super Back in Supermarket

Upon entering SuperSeis, the neighborhood’s gleaming new supermarket, one doesn’t notice anything all that special.  It’s large, it has aisles, women sit at the check-out lanes.  Squint and you’re back home at Vons, or D’Agostino, or wherever.  It is only when you approach the carts and their neighboring stack of baskets that it hits you: this is a grocery shopping revolution.

One by one, people approach the stack of slightly-larger-than-U.S.-size baskets.  They lift one from the pile.  Then they put it on the ground  and walk towards the produce aisle, dragging the basket effortlessly behind them.  Absolutely brilliant.

Color coordination unintended.

Color coordination unintended.

Rarely do I use shopping carts back home.  I don’t often buy enough food to warrant pushing it around the store, nor do I enjoy interrupting my perusal of the tortilla aisle in order to kick at a balky wheel or avoid small children.  Thus, most trips to the store involve me choosing to go the basket route.  But within ten minutes, I’m overloaded.  I’ve grabbed one too many boxes of mac and cheese, or eight too many frozen burritos, and I start to get frustrated.  The basket gets too heavy.  I switch it from one arm to the other, maybe even put it down for a rest while I study the Cheezits, trying to find a rogue box of the Hot & Spicy variety.  The check-out line is the worst.  When the line is long, I have to shove my basket along the floor with my foot while I pretend not to look at the tabloid covers.

Paraguayans have none of these problems.  Rolling baskets make cart-free shopping a piece of cake.  No bad wheels.  A little extra space.  No reason to hurry once you’ve added a couple heavy items.  And no one even thinks you look funny doing it.

But what about those pesky kids, you might ask.  SuperSeis has that covered too:

Low Rider

Low Rider

Make them sit under the cart, where they can’t see all that sugary cereal, and let them think they’re racing the other kids in the store.  Instant entertainment for them and hassle-free shopping for the rest of us.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to grab a few things at the store…

~ by nickcain on March 3, 2009.

One Response to “Putting the Super Back in Supermarket”

  1. Love it Cain, I figured you would study the Cheezits carefully. Great to hear your stories!

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