Kiva in Fortune Magazine

Check out this article about Kiva’s recent growth and its plans to facilitate loans to borrowers in the United States.

In the article, Kiva President Premal Shah calls the upcoming U.S. launch a “social experiment.”  I’m very curious to see how/whether the lending community will embrace the idea of lending to people in their own state, city, or even neighborhood.  I think we will learn a lot about what really drives people to make loans through Kiva.

If anyone who reads this has any thoughts on Kiva’s new experiment, I’d love to hear them!

~ by nickcain on March 27, 2009.

One Response to “Kiva in Fortune Magazine”

  1. Great for Kiva to get publicity, but the reporter’s reference to Kiva’s “unique form of charity,” seems to indicate to Fortune readers that if one is not earning interest on one’s loan it’s the same as giving money away. Huh? Where is the emphasis on the empowerment of Kiva’s loans? On, instead of having one’s money hidden somewhere in tangled, anonymous securities, the solid feeling of knowing where your money goes, that you’ll almost certainly get it back, and what good it will do to “grow” a local economy.

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